Planet Eclipse Etha

$349.95 $275.00


Planwhiteethaet Eclipse has long been known as a market leader in high-end paintball markers and accessories. Their aim has always been set high; to produce the very best paintball equipment possible. Unashamedly, their products to date have always been aimed at the higher-end of the paintball market. They are feature- laden, finished to the very highest standard and immaculately prepared and presented. Entry Level paintball guns they are not.

Planet Eclipse understandS that not every player has the budget for markers at that level. New or recreational players within paintball may not see the benefit in such fully featured products, but why should those players be precluded from receiving exceptional value and quality? Planet Eclipse believes that they shouldn’t be.

That was their philosophy when they set out to design the latest paintball marker. One that retains the core elements of all Planet Eclipse markers but comes wrapped in a more affordable package, allowing more players to enjoy the ‘Eclipse Ownership Experience.’

No matter at what price-point you purchase your paintball marker Planet Eclipse believes that there are some fundamental features that every customer should demand.